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"It's been over a month now. It comes in the night and whispers to me note by note the melody I am writing right now. It has a long wound on its face and its uneasiness suggests it left a painful unfinished business in its past life"

STORY OF A NIGHT PIANIST is an interdisciplinary performance choreographed by dance artist Anna Buonomo accompanied by live music, and telling the true story of a strange encounter composer Lorenzo Turchi-Floris had while playing at night. Originally commissioned for Big Dance 2012 and performed at Trinity Buoy Wharf in Docklands, STORY OF A NIGHT PIANIST draws on the historical narratives of people living and working at Trinity Buoy Wharf in East London during the 19th century – characters from the past with unfinished business in the present day.

A special anniversary performance of STORY OF A NIGHT PIANIST took place on Sunday 19 September 2018 at Trinity Buoy Wharf as part of Totally Thames Festival 2018. Free performance, no booking required.

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Inspired by Martha Graham’s maxim “movement never lies”, I Am You And You Are Me is a playful solo performance where it's not the audience who chooses the show to watch, but the performer who selects who he or she will interact with.


Suitable for a range of indoor, outdoor and pop-up spaces, I Am You And You Are Me is an intimate, lighthearted solo for an audience of one at a time, which is informed by serious questions about how we experience live art and performance and what it means to be an inspiration to others.

Performed as part of Bloomsbury Festival 2015, and at UEL's Collide! 2015.

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