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"Humorous and relatable...the mommy-parody at the end will surely be in my head for the rest of the week." - Baby Plus Two, Emma Iskowitz

"A funny and touching realisation of the first two years of parenthood" - Baby Plus Two, audience member


...dancers are scattered across pavements, inside or on top of phone boxes and are hanging from playground apparatus, creating a wonderful eerie and unsettling mood - Story Of A Night Pianist (2013), A Younger Theatre

The effect is evocative and moving and, as the period-costumed parade twists and turns, it’s like being caught up in an episode of The Returned, the living and the dead morphing together, caught in a curious limbo. - Story Of A Night Pianist (2013), Metro

Preview of Story Of Night Pianist - The Wharf

An interview with Anna - The Space website

Delicate, affecting and full of enjoyable little surprises - Story Of A Night Pianist (2012),

With an urban, street-inflected style, choreographer Anna Buonomo paints a portrait of five alienated individuals caught in a world of shadow-chasing, hidden faces and unresolved encounters - F5VE (2011), Sanjoy Roy

 The choice of music was especially effective, enhancing the inspirational charm of an holistic work portraying a woman breaking free from the confinement of her own inhibitions (represented by being bound in a seemingly endless length of rope). - Tied Up (2010), Graham Watts

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