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WATER UNDER THE BRIDGE is an intergenerational dance project working with the themes of personal memories and local history. This creative project will bring together a group of primary-age children and a group of older people, and work creatively with both both groups to devise movement sequences inspired by the oral histories of the older people and stories of the local area from the 1960s to the present day.

A very successful pilot took place in Newham, East London, in February 2017 supported by East London Dance through the Dance Enterprise Ideas Fund. See a video of the pilot at

Please see a documentary about the completed project, funded by Awards for All, here:


"There is no more sombre enemy of good art than the pram in the hall," said some guy who was clearly not very good at multitasking. This solo is our rebuttal.

This new solo is a recreation of some of the the joys and challenges of early parenthood, combining dance, original music and spoken word to bring the strange pleasures of parenthood to life. Like motherhood itself, the piece is sometimes poignant, sometimes dark, and with plenty of necessary humour.

2019 tour dates:

Blue Elephant Theatre, Camberwell, 29-31 May 2019

2017-18 tour dates:

The Place Theatre, London, on January 2018 

Poplar Union (part of Scratch Crackle Pop!) March 2018

Stantonbury Theatre, Milton Keynes as part of ADJUSTMENTS 2018, June 6 2018

Arden Theatre, Faversham, as part of Faversham Fringe 2018 August 31 2018

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